Top 5 Most Prestigious And Quality Delivery Services In Vietnam

The increase in the demand for online shopping in the 4.0 era has simultaneously increased the demand for couriers in major provinces and cities. According to the same increase, a series of companies providing freight services are born each year. However, having too many shipping units also makes it difficult for customers to choose. Which company is reputable? Which company is reliable? Which company is the best? The article below summarizes the TOP 5 best delivery services in Vietnam that will help customers somewhat solve the above concerns.

Foreign enterprises, FDI enterprises seek for delivery companies when operating and doing business in Vietnam should also choose one of the top businesses on the list below.

1. Viettel Post

Viettel Post Delivery Service In Viet Nam

– Viettel Post is a delivery company of Viettel Group with many years maintaining the No.1 position of Top prestigious companies in the transport and logistics industry in the Courier industry. With 100% coverage of the nationwide network, Viettel Post has nearly 680 large and small post offices, more than 300 delivery agents, nearly 1000 vehicles transporting with variety of loads, ensure always punctual, fast and safe customer service.
– Viettel Post has diversity delivery service including domestic and international delivery service, ensure to meet all the necessary needs, package to be transferred of customers: Domestic Delivery Service, Express Delivery Service, Document Delivery Service, Heavy Goods, Fulfillment Warehouse Service,…
– Viettel Post also capable of delivering ro customers, even in remote areas, Viettel Post not only guarantees about speed, but also ensures the safety of goods, hand-delivered to customers with very competitive shipping charges
– Viettelpost has cooperated with UPS, DHL, Fedex to ensure the demand for two-way, domestic and international shipments on a global scale.

With full benefits for customers to use, not only cheap but the policies on transportation, delivery, compensation, insurance are clearly shown, ensuring the benefits for customers to use, with the desire to give customers peace of mind and the best experience when using delivery services. Viettel Post is proud to be the leading provider of the best domestic and international goods courier service in Vietnam, committed to providing the most optimal transportation solution for customers with the motto: “Fast, safe, efficient”!

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– Business Hotline: +84 98 365 3311
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2. Giao hàng tiết kiệm

Giao Hang Tiet Kiem

– Giaohangtietkiem was established in 2013. The special feature of this service is mainly to serve small and medium-sized online businesses. Up to now, Giaohangtietkiem has covered 63 cities and provinces across the country with more than 500 branches.
– The advantage of this delivery company includes: Website system, good customer care, competitive shipping charges, lots of promotion


– Must create an account before sending retail goods
– The freight is a bit high on average
– Transportation time between cities is long

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– Website:

3. Giao hàng nhanh


– Giaohangnhanh specializes in providing services to e-commerce partners nationwide. With a commitment to customers for experience 5-star service through dedicated service, faster and more flexible handling all customer requests, Giaohangnhanh is day-by-day proving its role. The 3 biggest advantages are: Express Delivery, good website system and customer service.

– Do not store goods at the warehouse for more than 3 days
– Small package shipping charges are higher than other carriers

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– Website:

4. Vietnam Post

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– This is a delivery company providing domestic and international express services including EMS, express delivery within day, express delivery of heavy goods, bulky goods…. Customers can use EMS service with additional services: original delivery service, price declaration service, delivery quote, domestic COD collection service, etc.


– Delivery time is slower than those of other companies.
– The sender must bring the goods to the post office to send the goods.
– After delivering the goods twice, if unsuccessful, the recipient must come and pick up the goods by themselves

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5. J&T Express

Jt Express (1)
– J&T Express is a delivery brand based on the development of technology and the Internet of Thuan Phong Courier Company Limited with investment capital from Hong Kong.
– With the slogan “Show your business online”, J&T Express focuses on making online business easier and more efficient for customers, providing utility to help customers expand their business according to the trend of the company into e-commerce industry.


– Fast delivery, time commitment in each area with customers
– The shipping cost is relatively cheap
– Accurate tracking system


– App interface is poor according to customers’ feedback

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